About Us

Galopp is a small independent label based in the lovely Palatinate (Germany), since the golden age of Krautrock a fading spot on the musical map. The founders are Wanja Sälzer, who gathered experience as a DJ at many places with the focus on Broken Beat, Big Beat, Breakbeat and Trip-Hop, and Gabriel Zahn, who is producing music since his teenage days. Together they also formed “Frohlocker” and devoted themselves into electronic dancemusic in the broadest sense.

Galopp Records stands for proper styled, danceable, electronic music. Always in an unbounded search of new influences to enrich contemporary clubmusic.


Galopp Records

GdbR Sälzer & Zahn
Im Hintereck 7
67753 Relsberg

eMail: mail (at) galopp-records . com
Phone: +49-6363-9946570


Banking Account

Account Number: 514497
Bank Name: Stadtsparkasse Kaiserslautern
Bank Number: 540 501 10
IBAN: DE85 5405 0110 0000 5144 97

VAT ID: DE256084982